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Trust needs to be practised. Over and over.

Trust is something that needs to be practised. Over and over again. It has to be trained as a muscle. The same goes with patience. When you trust, you’re patient. You are patient and you wait, because… Read More

Losing your Nationality through Travelling? Fun with Tongan Passport

Have you ever heard of Tonga? Do you know where that country is? My daughter is half Tongan and very proud of her heritage. So when ever someone asks where we’re from she says: „We’re… Read More

Peace Walk – 900km – Camino de Santiago with Child

900km – a little girl, a German mum, a Tongan dad and the desire for peace – Camino de Santiago in Spain. A marriage can be completed in love, no matter how long it will… Read More

How to deal with a child’s meltdown – while travelling and at home

Seeing your child having a meltdown can be extremely difficult. I don’t like the terms temper tantrum or terrible two’s or three’s. How could I label an entire year, half of my child’s life time as terrible??? A… Read More