Camino de Santiago – The Last 6 Days Before Departure

Have you ever wondered how the last few days before embarking to a big adventure look like? Let me share with you the last 6 days before our 900km Peace Walk on the Camino de Santiago:

Camino Day -6

Haha universe, are you trying to tell me something???? Or do you just enjoy playing?
It is Camino -6 DAY ….so in 6 days we’ll embark on our Peace Walk. We’re still in Holland, preparing like crazy all paperwork, taxes and stuff…

Last night the trailer I thought I had secured, was canceled under strange circumstances.
This morning I receive a message, that Malia’s dad might not be able to board his flight, due to transit visa issues.

Just now, I received a message that our holiday rental in Germany (starting from wednesday) is already booked by someone else.

So, are you trying to tell me to go straight on the Camino, just me and my girl? or somewhere else where we won’t need a trailer? or is it just a test how much stamina I have?

So either way…either something better is waiting or not…haha. I guess these are the kind of games we agreed to, when we decided to incarnate into this world.

Camino Day -5

14702457_10154035528752607_8438159975091981655_nSo we sit in the train from Holland to Germany. A rental car is booked, which we’ll pick up from the airport.
Sani’s plane took off from Tonga. Hopefully he’ll get to Germany without anymore struggle.
Still looking for a Croozer 1 or Chariot 1 for the Camino.
The birthday party is organized. Friends are coming.
And I have a kitchen to bake the cake.


Camino Day -4

14591578_10154038514107607_3236352759414611902_nHe arrived.
The moment I prepared myself mentally to walk alone with my child, it all worked out.
He arrived – the same way he arrived back in 2011 – with a very small carry on. Shorts and T-Shirt.
If you want to learn minimalism, watch him 😂
Four more days until we start our 900km Peace-Walk. We might be able to buy a trailer today. Couldn’t rent one. We might have a apartement for the next 4 days. Now we need to get him some clothes.

Camino Day -4.1

14713791_10154040228582607_2816722370550654755_nWhat a day. The last few days or better weeks and month were dedicated to training in trust. Today was harvest day.
First we picked up Sani. Yes, it was kind of a struggle for him. The immigration hold him back for almost an hour, since they didn’t know that Tongans don’t need a Schengen Visa anymore. Yes, he had a letter with him, but still…. Well, he made it at the end.
We found a fantastic place to stay…last minute of course. But hey, look at this view…amazing.
And…..we found a trailer!!!!!
We only had to drive two hours and pay a little fortune….but we got it.
It was a very long day for all of us. A big day of success and lots of Gratitude.
Camino we’re getting ready for you. Well actually we’re already on it….

Camino Day -3

14590322_10154041660647607_4541075748356905523_nEarly morning for us, late for Germany. It’s 8:30.
We enjoyed traditional family live with our own apartement and all.
And today I am so grateful that we rented a car and got a big upgrade. And I understand why Germany has the fastest Autobahn ever. The speed here (and I am not speaking only about the Autobahn, I mean in all areas of life) is just totally different…much faster really. I do feel a bit overwhelmed. Glad I am not used to it anymore 😜
For today: get Sani’s Camino clothes. Walking shoes. Malias Birthday preparation…including several different stores…tomorrow she will be five 😍 Bake and decorate a special cake. Re-organize all our belongings…
Woohoo tomorrow is a huge day!

Camino Day -2

14611034_10154044570827607_7043438045677502042_nIt’s our 5th Birthday 💜❤💛
With the birth of a child the parent starts a new life as well. Five years into our greatest blessing, adventure, journey into trust.
‚Not one single day went by the last 5 years without me being so grateful that you chose me to be your mommy.‘
I am glad we still did a night shift after a very long day yesterday. Because a birthday starts early. 5:30am. I remember how excited I used to be as a kid, so I always make sure everything looks great when my daughter wakes up.

Camino Day -1

14650468_10154047745097607_4017474638082896407_nAhhh supergau 😱 My former worldtravel backpack is hours away and won’t be here till tomorrow.
It is bigger then the one I use now. Sani was supposed to use it and to carry some of Malia’s stuff in it.
It also has special personal meaning: that is the backpack I used to travel the world with. The backpack I used when I met Sani and also during the big earthquake in Christchurch in 2011, when I was pregnant with Malia. So, of course I wanted this backpack with us on this special walk.
Very sad and upset.

In a few hours Malia’s birthday guests will arrive. Still need to decorate the cake, pack all our belongings, clean the apartement, run a few more errands, downloads stories for Malia to listen on the way. The plane leaves tomorrow morning, already three night shifts in a row.

And now trying to organize another backpack. Looks like we need to buy another one. But still it’s sh… coping with the feeling that it won’t be our special backpack.

Camino – 8h

14717098_10154049030047607_3525984046109644919_n8 hours until we leave. We got a backpack. Not mine, which is still sad because of the special meaning it has for me 😢 but on the bright side we had many wonderful people who jumped in and offered their backpack.
We had a great birthday party with a great cake and wonderful people. Thank you all for making this party such a nice event.
Now I need to finish packing, giving the apartement a quick clean. Work on the webside and upload stories for Malias mp3 player.

Camino -2h

20161023_032216_resizedIt’s 3:30am. We’re almost finished. The Camino backpacks are almost packed. Still need to pack a few more things. The apartement needs to be emptied. We’ll leave at 5:30am. We’re going to drop off a bag at friends place, then off to the airport return the car and board our flight to spain. We ‚ll arrive in Bilbao and make our way to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port.

Buen Camino

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