Cleft palate operation – night before hospital

April 2016: Three cleft kids and their families awaiting their cleft palate operation through NCFPI. How do they live? How do they feel, the night before hospital? The quality of the video might be poor, but the message is rich.


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Meet our cleft families

Our cleft journey started December 2015. In May 2015 we had 10 cleft patients operated through NCFPI in Manila. In April 2016, we’re back in Manila with 3 of our cleft patients, their parents and siblings. In total 9 cleft friends. Complete cleft treatment means so much more then only cut and stich. There’re so many challenges to overcome.

Please meet our cleft families:


If you wish to support, please donate here: You can help!

How to finance full-time travelling with child?

„How do you finance full-time travelling with child?“ is one of the most asked questions. And honestly, I used to ask myself the same question and still interested in how others do it. So, for all of you who wrote to me and asked this question, I will share my personal strategy with you. This article is for you:

My standard answer became: With lots of trust in god and the universe!  Which made me sound like a freak. Another spiritual hippie who has no plan and will eventually fail.


From Accidents, Long-Term Travelling and Healing on a different Level

I believe all parents know…this awful moment when your child has an accident or a disease, this moment when your heart stops beating for a moment, when your mind goes crazy and you have all this awful pictures flashing before your inner eye, this moment of fear, this moment when you just have to function, when you have to accept whatever is and to remain calm in order to calm your child.

Accidents or diseases…no matter how big or small…are always reminders to check within, with our perception of live. What if? Do you live the life you have always dreamed off? Do you spend as much time as you wish, with your loved ones? What if? Would you have any regrets? Would you change something in your live? Yes? Then do it. Do it NOW. No excuses. Weiterlesen

A single mum and her son’s cleft journey – Remember Charly?

Charly is so much more then a little boy with a cleft lip and palate from the Philippines. He is a fighter, a survivor, an inspiration, my daughters dear friend in the Philippines. When I think of Charly and his mum, I feel this incredible love and I know we have to go on.  Weiterlesen

Leap of faith – On the road with a 4 year old

The last day of July 2014, was the day we left our home, we sold everything and gave most of it to charity. We couchsurfed in Germany, we walked on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, we helped 10 kids in the Philippines to receive cleft operation, we attended a special training in Thailand, stayed 5 month at a Children’s Home in Thailand and had 50 kids participating with us on the worldwide Dance for Kindness Weiterlesen

Roots, Wings and Love

Roots, Wings and Love – raising a child in an ever changing new world.

We constantly change, everything around us changes. As the saying goes, you can never touch the same water of a river twice. Many of us have experienced the big shift that has start to happen, just after 2011 and till now we’re still in this big shift.

We have come to a higher consciousness, we have access to knowledge our parents probably did not have. Our job is it to raise our children in a different way. Values and goals have changed, ancients wisdom shall melt with modern knowledge. Weiterlesen


My goal is to inspire and empower you.
We’re made for whatever challenge we get. Through facing our own fears we will reach our biggest dreams.

In the midst of my own storm, I did the most sane thing I could think off. Instead of sitting in a small apartment and working long hours to make a living and to pay for my daughter daycare, I decided to do something different. Instead of making a living, without seeing my girl most of the day, we started to live every day to the fullest and most important to BE together. Weiterlesen

Every child needs to hear: You Can Do It

Yes you can do it. You are capable. When you really want to do something, you will find a way to do it. I don’t accept a simple: ‚ I can’t do it.‘ I won’t allow fear or even my own limited beliefs to disempower my child. Each time we say ‚I can’t‘ we’re sending this message to our subconscious mind that we’re unable. We take away our own power.

There are plenty of examples of wonderful people who had overcome their own fears and limitations. People who went through accidents and diseases, people who were told they could’t never do something and then they did. They proved that our mind is so strong and that we can achieve anything when we believe in. Weiterlesen