Leap of faith – On the road with a 4 year old

The last day of July 2014, was the day we left our home, we sold everything and gave most of it to charity. We couchsurfed in Germany, we walked on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, we helped 10 kids in the Philippines to receive cleft operation, we attended a special training in Thailand, stayed 5 month at a Children’s Home in Thailand and had 50 kids participating with us on the worldwide Dance for Kindness, we had visa runs to Laos and Burma, went to Holland and now we’re in Florida to finish off our last charity projects.

Rich within

Since we left our apartment, we called over 50 places our home. No, we’re not homeless, we found our home within ourselves. We’re rich and live in abundance through all the experiences we made and through the hearts and souls we were able to touch. My daughter, my first priority gets the best education ever. World schooling, living by example, learning from real people and real experiences. Was it always easy? No. Life still has it ups and downs. But we do not dwell very long in the downs.

Approval of Others vs. Strength within

Does everybody approve of our way of living? No. Does this ever happen? That everybody approves of you? In fact, we have met wonderful people along the way…some still stay with us, others have left our lives. Some friends had decided, that they do not approve of our live style and since we didn’t change for them they left and made space for new ones. That is one of the most beautiful teachings my daughter will receive on our journey. No need to depend on the approval of others. Trying to please everyone else is insane and is never achievable. Instead we discover this unbelievable strength within us. This strength that makes us glow from the inside. Have I regret taking this leap of faith? Not one second. Life is in constant flow and we just trust and flow with live. We trust. We trust in life. We trust in us. We trust in the universe. All is well.

How to support

If you like to support our cause, if you like to donate you can be sure that every cent is going to charity. Since we left Germany we lived a life in service for others and we’re still going. I founded a NGO „Rucksack Coach“ and every donation small or big is helping to make a difference in this world.

Donate here!

Love, peace, hope and kindness for all living beings.

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