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Journey Into Trust

 a conscious way of living.

Navigating through all ups and downs of life knowing that all is well.

And in times when it doesn’t look like it at all – all we can do is to trust.


Annie-Malia-300x300Annie Lulu, a woman in her thirties, mother of a wonderful 4 year old daughter. A searcher, an explorer, a student, a teacher, a coach, a spiritual practitioner, an author, a blogger, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a single parent, a volunteer, a CEO, a banker, a leader, a friend. A beginner, an advanced and an expert: I am all and nothing at the same time. I am a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Malia Luna Lulu, born in 2011. She picked a German mum and a Tongan dad to be her parents. She guided them – from two different parts in this world, two countries that couldn’t be more distant and more different – to combine two extremes within her.

Tonga, July 2013

Tonga, July 2013


Annie: Malia Luna is my greatest teacher. My everyday Inspiration to be a better person and to make this world a better place then it was yesterday.




For whom is this blog

Are you looking for some inspiration? Are you willing to open your eyes, your heart and your mind? Do you know that feeling deep inside, that there must be more? More to explore, to observe, to learn… Are you always looking on how to improve yourself and the way you raise your child? Let’s make our world a better place for our children and for us.

Why do I write in english
Yes, I am much more eloquent in my native tongue…but I have decided to write in english anyway for various reasons.

I can reach out to many more people. Half part of the family lives at one side of the world and the other part on the other side. English is a language that unites us, people from different continents, different countries, different cultures and mindsets.

Also I found it easier to say certain things in english. For example “I love you” is so much easier to say in english than in German. It’s almost weird when you tell your friends “Ich liebe Dich”. I don’t know if this is the english language or just because it is a foreign language. Also in Tongan language for example you use “Ofa atu” which means “I love you” all the time. This is how you end every phone call or letter and that is also how you salute each other while drinking. Anyway, for now I stick with english. I love you guys.

I have lived in so many different countries and in almost every country there is a different way of speaking english. So if you find something wrong with my english, be sure in another part of the world it will be perfectly fine. You will come to love my way of expressing and speaking and if not you are free to unfollow.

Our Story

Our Journey into Trust started long before, Malia Luna actually came into this world. I am pretty sure, that I was guided and prepared for this, for many years. Everything I did so far in my life is making totally sense in hindsight. To quote one of my favourite teachers Wayne Dyer: „I can see clearly now.“

How to get a child from the other side of the world

After finishing school in 2000, I took off to be an AuPair in the USA. My first big journey at the age of 19. One year later, I went back to Germany to pursue a successful banking career. But deep inside, I knew one day I would travel again.

Our Journey into Trust begun long before Malia Luna came into this world in 2011

Our Journey into Trust begun long before Malia Luna came into this world in 2011

In 2007, at the age of 26, I quiet my job to embark on a personal mission to travel around the world. What was meant to be a 18 month long trip turned out to be the start of an open end journey. A Journey into Trust, to fall in love with a man on the other side, half way around the world- the man, our daughter had chosen to be her daddy. Despite all challenges and all odds against us, we moved to Germany in 2011 to welcome our daughter into this world. We had planned to stay around two years in Germany, moved into an apartment, led a Tattoo Business and faced all challenges along the way. Health issues, cultural differences and domestic responsibilities while being new to parenthood kept us busy.

Follow your calling

We all have to follow our heart and we need to let our loved ones follow their heart as well. My husband had to follow a different calling. For me, it meant being a single parent and a single financial caretaker, I had to adjust our life style. My husband preferred us staying in our big apartment. In order to afford this I would have had to work long hours with my daughter being in all day care. I considered different options, even with a tiny 1 room place to live. It was a difficult time with emotional rollercoaster and existential fear. In the midst of my own storm, I was searching for a solution that would be the best for our daughter and myself and received a very clear vision: To travel the world with our daughter, doing charity and help people who have less then we have.

Journey into Trust

July 31, 2014 was the last day of our old life. We handed over the keys from our appartement and picked up our daughter from her last day in child care. We took a last family trip to France and said Good-Bye to Daddy two days later.

Our first charity mission was supposed to be in the Philippines. The preparations took longer as planned. I founded a Non-Profit-Organisation, had appointments with lawyers, notary and tax accountants. Since we canceled day care already, my daughter was with me at all times. Every few nights we stayed with different friends, since we didn’t want to bother anyone for too long. It was a challenging time.


Camino de Santiago

12038266_538778339603028_4956950815043894198_nIn oct 2014 we were guided to walk the last 200km on the Way of St. James – The Camino de Santiago in Spain. I wrote about our experiences in a „Pilgrimage in a Princess Dress“, a guide book on how to master the Camino de Santiago with a toddler. It is available in German and planned in English and Dutch.


Here available: Pilgern im Prinzessinnenkleid



Mum and daughter doing charity around the world

more to come… I am also going to write about some of the questions I am frequently asked…



  1. How do you finance your Journey?
  2. How does your little girl cope with all the changes?
  3. Don’t you think your child needs some safety and stability in life?
  4. What happens when you get sick?
  5. What are you doing when your child needs to go to school?
  6. What are you running away from?



I am love and you are love.
I am light and you are light.
I am save and you are save.

Love, peace, hope and kindness for all living beings.

(The Lulu Prayer)