Roots, Wings and Love

Roots, Wings and Love – raising a child in an ever changing new world.

We constantly change, everything around us changes. As the saying goes, you can never touch the same water of a river twice. Many of us have experienced the big shift that has start to happen, just after 2011 and till now we’re still in this big shift.

We have come to a higher consciousness, we have access to knowledge our parents probably did not have. Our job is it to raise our children in a different way. Values and goals have changed, ancients wisdom shall melt with modern knowledge.

We all have this wisdom somewhere deep inside us, but we have forgotten how to access it, how to listen to our inner guidance system, our inner voice .

Journey into Trust

I have walked through deep valleys, pain and regret. Each single experience, happy or painful, has brought me to where I am today. Have I arrived? Hell no, I am not even sure where I am exactly heading to…..but I know I am led, every single step is led. I am on a journey into trust. Trust in life, trust into myself. My greatest teacher is my daughter. She is the reason I am trying to be a better person every day. By guiding and coaching her through life, I guide and coach myself. I only feel love and gratitude towards her, she is my greatest blessing and I want her to never forget where she came from, from a place of pure love. This means I also have to remember this place of pure love. I am a bit older than her and have gone a long way, so it takes me a bit longer. My goal is to guide her by letting her guide me, so she won’t have to go so far. I can only imagine to how much wonder our kids will be able, when we empower them from early age, when we learn from and with them.
How shall we raise our kids
No journey is the same. No child and no adult are the same. So how could we possibly raise all kids the same way? It is not about shaping kids to make them fit into a template. it is about finding your individual way to bring out the best in both of us, ourself and our child.
Is this blog for me?
It is for you when you are willing to open your eyes, your heart and your mind. When you have this feeling there must be more. When you’re always looking on how to improve yourself and the way you raise your child.


love and peace and hope

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