School Supplies for Caile

Caile is a little girl, living in the Philippines, who was born with a cleft lip. We met Caile in 2015, when we started our project called „Cleft Friends“. She is a lovely girl with an incredible spirit. Caile, who is now 6 years old recently got her palate closed through NCFPI. Soon she will start going to Kindergarden. 

In 2016 Rucksack Coach started to look for sponsors to help all the kids of our cleft friends attending school. If you can please help. Caile will need a schoolbag, school uniform, shoes and school supplies. We need around 3.500 Php that is around 75 USD.

You can donate here:  Donate for Caile

Caile’s mum Liezl shared her story:

PRAYER in the best armour against all TRIALS

im liezl antoque dalanan 30yrs old, my husband jegeto dalanan is 33 years old. I have 2 children: Zoe 3yrs old and CAILE JELL 6 yrs old. Caile was born with a cleft lip and a cleft palate.
Caile is a cheerful and smart kid, she loves to write and to draw and color. But on her young age she was shy  its because her playmates were laughing at her, because of her disability,
she has notched. Now she never comes out .she stay allday at home write and color. his play. many many more dreams in her life sometime she said to me.“ mama when I will be big I will become a teacher.. i can help you“

I cry and cry because on her young age.she know. my situation ,i hurt so much hurt..

because i don’t have a good source of income, my husband has no permanent work. or sideline work and me was at home taking care of youngest sister zoe. but i know caile. she never gave up her dreams.. .sometimes because of difficulty in life there was a time that we have nothing to eat. Sometimes they only eat sweet potato and banana..i crying because i know my husbands salary is not enough to support food, home rent and school expenses and supplies.. but i know with GOD nothing is impossible.
“ Mark 11:24
therefore i say to you,whatever thing you ask when you pray.BELIEVE
you receive then,and you will have them“

Parents of cleft children have so many more challenges besides the medical problems. The kids get bullied a lot and also the parents. Both are ashamed and struggle to find self esteem.

If you can, please help.

If you don’t have money please send a message of encouragement to Lizel: Lizel’s FB account


Caile and Malia, April 2015 Manila


Charly, Caile, Malia, Niña and Zoe – April 2015 Manila

the gang

The gang – April 2015 Manila

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