Support for the 900km Peace Walk

Do you like to support the 900km Peace Walk financially?

I am grateful about any support and will continue to share all parts of such a huge endeavour.

Hi family, friends and followers of Annie ‘the Rucksack Coach’.
Annie and Malia have been staying at my house for over a month and it has been a wonderful 24time. Everything went with such ease and flow, great to spend time with them.

That Malia is one smart cookie she knows and understands more then any other 5 year old I have encountered in my life. During their stay I came up with this great idea and like to share it with you:

I am a supporter of the Rucksack Coach but since the Peace Walk is not part of the Rucksack Coach organization I want to support this directly to Annie because she can’t (and of course will not) use any of the donation for personal use. I asked her to make a PayPal button to her personal account. This way we all can support her during this quest of 900 km, which starts within a week.

This is the link to her Peace Walk PayPal button:

PayPal – PeaceWalk

Lets help them having the best walk ever!

Please share.
Thanks a million,


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<3 Gratitude for all support <3

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